We provide Custom Laser Cutting and Custom Laser engraving on a variety of materials such as wood, plastics, cloth, and metal.  We offer state of the art, permanent, non-contact, and chemical free solution to cutting, and parts identification solutions. We also do serialization and bar coding on many products, which can replace tags, stickers, printing, chemical etching and stamping.



There are thousands of textiles that can be cut with our laser. Paper, leather, rubber, cloth and wire mesh are only a few examples. The laser bonds the edges of most textiles, leaving a nice clean edge without frays.

Plastics /Acrylics

Most plastics cut very well with laser, leaving a polished finish on the edges that requires very little  if any final machining. Intricate and unusual shapes can be cut using laser. We also cut acrylic mirror and corrugated plastic. Neon acrylic is great for laser cutting; the laser leaves an edge that disperses light extremely well.

Some woods cut extremely well with laser. The laser leaves a slightly dark to dark edge on
the wood, this can be removed easily by wiping or slightly sanding the edges. Great for hobbyist and model making.

Manufactured Wood

There are specialty plywood products that can be found in hobby shops or specialty wood stores that will engrave and cut much nicer than standard plywood products purchased through your local lumber supplier.

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